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Schematic TRIP (1 of 1).jpg
Schematic TRIP (1 of 1).jpg


Album [LP IV]

It's Safe To Say The Veil Is Thinning [LP IV] OUT: 2.29.24
We are stoked to announce Ontologics New Album! 12 New Songs + Special Guest P-Nut of 311 + Different Bonus Tracks w/ Alternate Album Art! 
Two amazing artists, Harry Buntrock (left) + Maryjka Babia
k (right) created two alternate album covers, that visually capture the quest in consciousness one must go on as they immerse themselves in the sound conjured on LP IV. Both album covers are available with special edition bonus tracks. Details to come! 

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Schematic TRIP (1 of 1).jpg

Ghouls Get Gone[777|ggg]

Video by Sarah BaraiePre-release version

Simultaneous Experiences[SE | 15]Pre-release version

Schematic TRIP (1 of 1).jpg
Schematic TRIP (1 of 1).jpg
LP IV Album Art

It's Safe To Say The Veil Is Thinning 

[LP IV] 


1. Ghouls Get Gone 

2. It's Safe To Say The Veil Is Thinning

3. Drifting Into Traffic

4. Simultaneous Experiences

5. Passive Aggressive Passion Aggression

6. Chasten Those That Hassle

7. Villains Shilling

8. Nonrefundable Experiments

9. Cooking The Books [Feat. P-Nut / 311]

10. Trenches And Abyss

11. Mining The Mind Pit

12. The Gallantly Spectating Gold Medal Olympian

LP IV Album Art

oNtOlOgIcS (iV)

We expanded on our trance state moving past all boundaries created. This is the place we arrived. Right on the brink of the veil being torn down, or has it already happened by now? This happens to be! Is this really happening to me? 

We had two amazing artists create alternate album art for the new record,  both available for purchase on CD w/ Bonus Tracks.

Album Art (right) by Maryjka Babiak

Album Art (left) by Harry Buntrock


Produced by Ontologics

Mixed by Rob Pemberton

Mastered by Star Delta

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LP [IV] Schematic

Ian C + Mr. Morris w/ guests Punky B & Ghoulia

Schematic TRIP (1 of 1).jpg

Lyrics [LP IV]