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Full Length Albums

ONTOLOGICS LP 3 Album Cover 2019_(8-Larg

Heading To The Outer Realm

December 2019

*Special Guest P-Nut of 311
1. Upside In Downside Out
2. Use Your Utopia Or Lose Your Utopia
3. Thought Crimes (Feat. P-Nut)
4. Assemble Them
5. To Go Along To Get Along
6. Cliff Or Lift (Instrumental)

I. Sepulchre 
7. Heading To The Outer Realm
8. Around The Fire We Sit And Wait Part 1
9. It's All In The Numbers
10. Around The Fire We Sit And Wait Part 2
11. Hindsight Mind's Right (feat. P-Nut)
12. Mitigated Moments (Instrumental)

Ian C. - Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars, Aux Percussion, Programming, Midi controllers, keys.
Matt Walshe - Drums, Percussion, Keys  

+ Special Guest P-Nut of 311 on Tracks 3,11 +
* Additional Bass work by Steve Johnson Tracks 1-2,4-10,12 

Recorded at Ontologics Studios [aka Mr. Magoo Eyes Studios]
Produced by Ontologics
Mixed by Rob Pemberton
Mastered at Star Delta (Lewis Hopkins)



November 2015

Sophomore Album
*Special Guest P-Nut of 311
1. Drones From Home
2. Cracked Eggs Don't Hatch
3. Under Warranted Suspicion
4. Rigged
5. Stretch Armstrong (Instrumental)
6. A Wizard's Touch For All You Skeptics
7. Interlude
8. Almost High Noon
9. Reaching For Pins
10. I Went To Orion's Belt
11. Primal Discourse (feat. P-Nut)
12. Goner
13. Call It Collateral
14. Modern Revisionist

Ontologics is...

 C: Vocals/lyrics, Guitars, Electronica/Programming, 2nd Drum Kit, Keys, Aux Percussion, Midi-controllers

Matt: Drumkit, Korg Wave drum, Aux. Percussion, Electronic Drums/Percussion, Keys

* Special Guest: Aaron Wills aka Pnut of 311 on track #11 "Primal Discourse".

+ Features Steve Johnson (bassist of M.O.I.) on tracks 1-4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, & 13.


released November 6, 2015

Recorded at The Dub Room.
Produced by Robert Hanna and Ontologics.
Mixed by Rob Pemberton at Sounds Interesting Studios (Overclock Inc)
Mastered by Lewis Hopkins at Star Delta.



December 2013

Debut Album
1. Storm The Gates
2. Hologram For The Hollow Man
3. Lions To Go
4. Something To Needle Over
5. The Clever Cat Kills Another Friend (Instrumental)
6. From Then To Now
7. Dug Until The Rest Could Drink
8. Soundscape (Instrumental)
9. Drained From The Head Sprain
10. DMT Overdose (Instrumental)
11. SWFU

All songs written by Ontologics.
Ian C.- vocals, guitars, programming/sequencing, Roland SPD-S, Korg wave drum, synth, 2nd drum kit, bass, samples
M. Walshe - main drum kit, Korg wave drum, banter

(Track 9 features additional guitars by Rob Hanna)
(Tracks 7 & 11 feature Steve Johnson on Bass)

Recorded at Walk of the Earth Studios
Produced by Ontologics and Rob Hanna
Mixed by Rob Pemberton 





June 2010

Demo Collection
1. Hiding
2. The Eastern Light Says
3. False Autonomy

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