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2016 NEWS

Drones From Home is getting support on college radio nationally:
#1 KXUL - LA (CMJ)
#7 WKKL - MA (CMJ)
#7 WUMF - ME (CMJ)
#21 WRST - WI (CMJ)
#26 SCAD - GA (CMJ)
#27 WCFM - MA (CMJ)

#9 Relix Magazine / Chart
#22 Relix Magazine / Chart
#28 Relix Magazine /

Reviews & Features:

"I definitely suggest this album as listening for everyone. It is not merely for rap lovers, nor specifically for nu-metal lovers. Even less for progressive rock fans. It's potentially for everyone!"
- The Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"Ontologics prove masterful on Drones From Home"
"Cruising into a psychedelic territory, the duo creates an intriguing soundscape that reflects the thoughts inside the human mind."
- Bill Copeland Music News

Daily Vault - Album Review "Drones From Home"
"There was never a doubt regarding the phenomenal musical ability of this outfit, but to exploit this skill fully and translate it into an album as brilliant as their debut requires equally skillful songwriting chops...the musicianship on par with its predecessor and even the songwriting is every bit as good...Drones From Home certainly has a more proggy sound because of the muscular guitar-driven music, which also means lead vocalist Ian Campopiano's passionate rapidfire vocals and drummer Matthew Walshe's insane drumming are more hard-hitting than ever from start to finish."

Crash And Ride Music
"Crash and Ride Music's favorite prog-hop band...Drawing upon influences of progressive rock and jazz, "Drones From Home" again dazzles its listeners with its distinctive and fresh sound..."

Roots Time, Belgium (updated translation) - INTERNATIONAL
"On Drones From Home, some will hear rock influences from groups like...Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Others will hear more psychedelic rock influence by groups like Pink Floyd. And still others will hear some jazz-fusion influence reminiscent of guitar great Al Di Melola on tracks like "Stretch Armstrong." Ontologics' lyrics show a sort of political and social awareness by Campopiano and Walshe."

Camel Let Go, Japan (translated) - INTERNATIONAL
"This work "Drones from Home" is full album of the second work. Based on the hip-hop, progressive rock, world music, jazz, of Ontologics a mix of electro sounds, we finished in a unique avant-pop...gradually tilted to the strange pop from reggae "Drones from Home" and, instrumental space rock tone "Stretch Armstrong", dry slash-pop "A Wizard's Touch For All You Skeptics", such as it is addictive clarity."

Top 40 - RADIO XENU: Drones From Home track, "Call It Collateral" (2015)

#1 on Top 40 on KXUL 91.X University of Louisiana (at Monroe) - 3 weeks in a row

Sophomore album, "Drones From Home" (Released 11.06.15)
14 Tracks and a special guest collaboration.
Song "Primal Discourse" feat. PNut of 311

Ontologics Interviewed on Home Bru'd on 95.5 WBRU

Ontologics Interviewed by Wheelers Weekend Jams LIVE AND DIRECT

2015 NEWS

Ontologics' new album, Drones From Home, will feature a special guest! Aaron Wills, aka PNUT of 311 will be featured in the collaboration track, Primal Discourse.

"Something to Needle Over" is reviewed by Keno's Album Review:
"Everything about this album is unique, a completely contemporary twist on the word ìprogressive.î Using a number of synths, keys, machines, and other modern sound effects, the entire album is one massive pushing-of-the-envelope for an already extensive genre."

Ontologics and their debut album, "Something to Needle Over" are listed on

Ontologics is excited to announce that their debut album, "Something to Needle Over" became available on PANDORA Radio in February!

Ontologics' album, "Something to Needle Over", was voted one of the Top DIY Albums of 2014 by the Indie Rock Cafe.

Ontologics' song, "Something to Needle Over", made the RX (Radio Xenu) Top 40 Songs of 2014, coming in at #28.

Ontologics' debut album, "Something to Needle Over", broke the Top 30 for three consecutive months at, which will be featured in Relix Magazine; this time at #18.

The Dutch Progressive Rock site (DPRP) reviews Ontologics' debut album, "Something to Needle Over".

Pnut of 311 gives Ontologics major props in an NECR interview from July. An excerpt can be found on the Ontologics' Youtube Channel.

February 2015 - Recording begins for sophomore album, "Drones From Home".


2013-14 NEWS

Ontologics' album just reached #9 on the Top 30 Radio Chart for Magazine, breaking their album into the Top 10. Humbled to be in the same list as one of their biggest influences, Primus!

Ontologics' debut album reached #16 on Top 30 which will be featured in Relix magazine!

Album Review - The Dutch Progressive Rock site (DPRP): " Intriguing combination of world music influences, complicated time signatures and intricate interplay, with singing that is almost rapping. Interesting! " and " Ahh, great! A fusion of hip hop and progressive music, something I've always wanted to hear. No sarcasm! Bring your popcorn, it's an interesting ride."

Ontologics track "Dug Until the Rest Could Drink" has been featured on a Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal compilation released by Progsphere. The compilation is titled Progstravaganza XX Landmarks.

Album Review - by DAILY VAULT.
Rating: A... "Tool, 311, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, Pink FloydÖ Al Di Meola? Well, traces of Al Di Meola in Ontologics' music might not be that apparent; however, if one were to pick a song from each of the rest of the aforementioned bands and stitch them together, the resulting collage will make up a typical Ontologics number. If that's not overwhelming enough, none of the above bands can boast of incorporating such a wide range of influences ñ from alt rock, progressive rock, electronica, jazz, and rap to world music ñ in one single song, but Ontologics can.....The production and mixing quality on this record is simply outstanding. This duo is a dynamite, and they explode thunderously on this debut."

May 2014 - Ontologics Opens for AFROMAN

April 2014 - DMT OVERDOSE video released. Features footage from the DMT OVERDOSE 90.3FM WRIU dress rehearsal.

April 2014 - Ontologics performed a live set on 90.3 FM WRIU (University of Rhode Island Radio). The show went great--Thanks for everyone who tuned in.

Ontologics interview on KCR Radio San Diego State University, with Rick Keyes on the "Music Caravan" Eclectic Show.

FMQB Albums Chart #16 (tied/debut)
KKBB Albums Chart #12 (tied/debut)
KKBB Singles Chart #11 (tied/debut)

Ontologics mentioned in 311 article, interview with Pnut at --
"...The cool thing about 'Ebb and Flow' as the 'Go' demo is that it was covered by a band called Ontologics, who did their own version of it and it kills. I played it for Scotch before we started writing the lyrics and the melody to set the bar. I was like, 'Listen to what these guys did. Like they turned this song into like a science fiction masterpiece. And if we canít beat that, I think we should just do a cover of their song'..."

2/24/2014 RedLionSoul Review "...from crunched up guitars to floaty snyth drops, shredding solos and even glockenspiel sections, something to needle over is an intense orchestra of styles and sounds. get it into your ears already."

December.09.2013 - Ontologics' Debut Album - "Something To Needle Over"

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