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Ontologics [LP III] "Heading To The Outer Realm"

1. Upside In Downside Out
2. Use Your Utopia Or Lose Your Utopia
3. Thought Crimes (Feat. P-Nut)
4. Assemble Them
5. To Go Along To Get Along
6. Cliff Or Lift (Instrumental)
I. Sepulchre
7. Heading To The Outer Realm
8. Around The Fire We Sit And Wait Part 1
9. It's All In The Numbers
10. Around The Fire We Sit And Wait Part 2
11. Hindsight Mind's Right (Feat. P-Nut)
12. Mitigated Moments (Instrumental)


releases December 20, 2019

Ian C. - Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars, Aux Percussion, Programming, Midi controllers, keys.
Matt Walshe - Drums, Percussion, Keys

+ Special Guest P-Nut of 311 on Tracks 3,11 +
* Additional Bass work by Steve Johnson Tracks 1-12 *

Recorded at Ontologics Studios
Produced by Ontologics
Mixed by Rob Pemberton
Mastered at Star Delta (Lewis Hopkins)

Heading To The Outer Realm [LP III]

  • Audio File Format: Wavs

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